Healing our stories
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 10:31AM
Jim Robbins in Allender Center, Story Workshop, healing the brokenhearted, identity

I find myself increasingly frustrated with the Church's approach to healing.

From pulpit to prayer group, we assure ourselves that, "God heals the brokenhearted," but don't provide a safe place or sane process for that healing to occur.  Simply declaring a truth doesn't necessarily bring it about.

People need a safe place and a helpful process that more deeply engages their story and their pain.  


Perhaps you're like me and long for a caring place to process your story. Here's an opportunity I myself am taking advantage of: This August, I have an opportunity to participate in a potentially life-changing experience with the renowned, Dr. Dan Allender, and his staff: The Story Workshop .


The Allender Center, lead by renowned psychologist and author Dan Allender, offers a Story Workshop for those wanting to engage their own story of wounding and redemption more effectively.   

We are all the brokenhearted.  Becoming a Christian doesn't magically erase all your wounds. Anyone could benefit from taking a look at their stories of loss and redemption.  You can only bring others as far as you're willing to go yourself.  Engaging my story in a redemptive manner means I can enter into other's stories of heartbreak and redemption more effectively.  

I will not only be engaging my own story of brokenheartedness, but observing the process the workshop uses, and how it engages people's stories.  We'll see if God might use that in my own ministry to others.



*  4-day format
*  teaching sessions with Dr. Dan Allender
*  small groups led by skilled Facilitators
*  special one-on-one sessions with your Facilitator 

The Story Workshop will take participants like me more deeply into the themes of their life;  while offering, "a caring space for you to explore the difficult places where you have felt God’s absence or silence in your life."


The Story Workshop I want to attend comes with a significant price-tag, particularly for someone like me who is traveling across the country to attend.  

Your support pays for my airfare, travel, meals, and the cost of the event.  If you'd like to donate, please click the "Donate Now" button on my GoFundMe page; or click the GoFundMe button below.  Thank you!


Honor & Delight, 


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