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Shallow Hall...elujiah's

I thought I'd pass on a very engaging article on the state of contemporary Christian worship/music/art. This is an interview with Steve Bell, an award-winning Canadian folk singer who is well-known for his thoughtful lyrics in the Christian music industry.

Steve convincingly expresses what I've been bemoaning for several years now about the state of contemporary worship and Christian artistry.

Visit Steve Bell's site: be sure to click on "Steve Bell" in the left navigation and go to his "Music" page. His album, Simple Songs is a refreshing gem that gives more the more you listen to it.

Steve Bell interview:

Interviewer: "Your website includes a message board where people are lamenting the lack of depth in modern worship music. You chimed in, saying that one big reason for that is 'simply that the art itself has been devalued and sacrificed to the god of the seeker-friendly pop culture churches and radio stations. But when a 'lowest common denominator' aesthetic precludes any serious thought about art and excellence, the result will be music that tickles the ear and animates the body but rarely will it provide access to the interior castle wherein the King of Peace resides.' That's quite a statement."

Click here to read more of the interview with Steve Bell.


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