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Use verbs that reveal your design

Choose verbs that reveal your design.

I have this need to figure out why something or someone exists,  their design or purpose.  Because of that, I've written countless memos to myself, scratching out statements and creeds that help me understand my own design.  Through this process, I've gained greater and greater clarity about why I'm here.  It's clarifying.

Here's my calling credo:  "I have consistently loved to create and reveal design."  And here's how that has showed up in my life:

  • Loved to sketch as a teenager
  • Loved to create high-quality music since a child
  • Love identifying the layers of instrumentation in a song
  • Love to create digital graphic design – website headers, images
  • Love to help others see their design (purpose, identity, true heart)

Notice the two verbs that I used in my calling credo:  "create" and "reveal." 

Here's a credo sentence structure you can use to help you: 

"I have consistently loved to (verb/verbs) _______________________________."


Here are some common verbs.  See if any resonate with your heart:

lead, challenge, create, provoke, identify, develop, influence, train, support, comfort, heal, transform, encourage, prepare, invite.  [There are more common verbs here.]

Here are some sample credo statements:

  • I have consistently loved to identify others strengths.
  • I have consistently loved analyzing information in order to help organizations or people perform at their best.
  • I have consistently loved encouraging and developing courage and confidence in children.

Of course, at the end of your credo sentence is the what that you want to see happen:

  • "others strengths"
  • "help organizations or people perform at their best"
  • "courage and confidence in children."

What verbs would you use to describe what you consistently have loved doing?

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