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New podcast: "If I really do have a good and noble heart, then why does the evidence seem to suggest otherwise?" -Guest Joel Brueske joins Jim.

Joel Brueseke [see his insightful GraceRoots podcast] joins me as we try to offer encouragement for Christians who do want to believe that their heart is now good and noble because of Christ's redeeming work for them, but who continue to struggle to live from that new-hearted goodness.

Podcast:  "If I really do have a good and noble heart, then why does the evidence seem to suggest otherwise?"  [Special guest, Joel Brueseke of GraceRoots.com]



In the podcast, Joel and I address:

  • Why does my experience seem to suggest my heart really isn't good, noble and true?

  • Why truth must drive experience and not the other way around.

  • What about us is "finished" and what is still "unfinished?"

  • What happened to the "Accuser" in our worldview?  "Warfare" has been grossly abused in the Church, but for the sake of our hearts, the idea is worth revisiting.

  • Why multiple exposures to the truth is necessary so that our minds, emotions and bodies can catch up to the truth about our new and noble hearts.

  • Should you leave a church that preaches a performance-based, "bad-heart" message?

  • Resources for finding new-hearted community and messages. 


You can find new-hearted community - people who want to live from their good and noble heart - on the "COMMUNITY" page on my website.  The focus is simple:

1.  Where are you finding it difficult to live from your good and noble heart?

2.  Where are you finding encouragement to live from your good and noble heart?

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Reader Comments (2)

Wow,thank God,no disappointment.I was expecting a blast with both of you on air and I got it.

Your discussion about the church emphasising that believers' hearts are bad while expecting us to live exactly like Christ reminds me of a picture on one of Jim's e books.It is an heavy burden the church puts on people.The church should be a place where people get relief;what an irony.

Your heart is bad and prone to wander was a message i heard repeatedly for years and it will take continous renewal of my mind to get everything off.i quite agree with that.

Jim,can I make this suggestion.....is it possible to always keep it short.I listen to podcasts from Steve Mcvey,Darin Hufford and Joel Brueseke.One thing I discover is that I feel more comfortable with Joel's because its always short,concise and straight to the point.Of course i dont expect you all to be the same but I think many people like short podcasts.

Thank you for the good material anyway

July 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterfadeke

Hi Fadeke. Thanks for your feedback. Glad the podcast was meaningful for your heart. I did consider the length of the podcast. I like your idea of shorter podcasts, but when I've got a guest interview [rather than the weekly kind Joel does where he and Mike don't have to cover the save breadth of material on a weekly basis because they can do that over time together] I want to be sure to not go too long while letting the topic and the dialogue with the guest have time to develop.

I also think that immersion in a slightly longer podcast isn't always a bad thing. It's like listening in on a conversation between two friends: often, the real heart-to-heart stuff can't fit into a 10 or 15-minute nugget. The podcasts [and conversations] that have most deeply affected me were actually longer, giving my heart, emotions and mind a more saturated experience.

But your point is valid and I get the time restraints listeners can have.

July 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJim Robbins

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