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Podcast: "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION:" PART 3 - author Andrew Farley joins Jim Robbins

This is the final episode, part three, of the podcast mini-series, "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION." 

Drawing from Andrew Farley's new book, God Without Religion,  Drew and I dig deeper into the confusing mess that religious compliance and performance has made of things:


  1. Discover why it can't be your old nature that causes you to sin, or that tempts you.

  2. Learn why we often mistake the voice of sin for our own heart's voice, believing our heart is still "prone to wander."

  3. Explore why, even when we sin, as Andrew Farley points out, "There's something in us, that's not us;"  and why relaxing in your new and noble nature will set you free.


To learn more about "God Without Religion" visit Andrew's site:  www.andrewfarley.org.





To hear Parts 1 & 2 of this podcast series:

To hear Parts One and Two of the "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION" podcast series, go to the podcast page; or download them in iTunes.



Podcast: "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION" - part two: Author Andrew Farley joins Jim Robbins

Podcast:  "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION:  Part 2.  Author Andrew Farley joins Jim.

In part two of our mini-series about Andrew Farley's new book,
God Without Religion
, we'll ask why Christians need to attend their own funeral. 

  • What are the benefits of knowing you're dead already?

  • We'll also talk about the popular myth of "Dying to Self."

  • Learn more about Drew's book at AndrewFarley.org. 

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  • Listen to "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION:  Part 1"  here.

PODCAST: "GOD WITHOUT RELIGION" ........... part one: Guest Andrew Farley joins Jim Robbins

Podcast:  GOD WITHOUT RELIGION - part one.  Interview with author Andrew Farley

This is part one of a three-part series Drew Farley and I will be doing.  Drew is the author of The Naked Gospel and his new book is called, God Without Religion:  Can It Really Be This Simple.  His writings have been featured in national news and media outlets including PBS, CBS, and FOX.

  • During this interview, Drew and I ask whether or not the Law is still appropriate as a guide for Christian behavior, and examine why it is not.

  • You'll discover that using the Law [including the Ten Commandments] as guidance for godly living will actually cause more sin, not less.

  • We also talk about the troubling passages in The Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus is delivering harsh warnings and unattainable standards for righteousness.  What are we to make of those passages?  Is there a more accurate and hopeful way to read them?

This podcast offers hope and peace for the Christian who is tired of religious self-improvement and pressure to be spiritual.



Video: God Without Religion -- from Andrew Farley

I'm looking forward to reading this newest book from Drew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel.  If you liked my book, Recover Your Good Heart, his books will resonate with you as well.



Most Christians have a lousy view of "sanctification."

Many Christians have a great view of justification [how their journey with Christ begins] but a lousy view of "sanctification"  [how their journey and Christian maturity continues].  This is because we don't get across the dividing line of the Cross completely:  We're straddling the Old and the New, and it's killing our hearts.  It's almost irrational:  like a dying cardiac patient being offered a heart transplant, but wanting to keep the old one in, just in case.

Here's a helpful video on this from Andrew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel:


'MISLEADING OURSELVES' - listen now- with guest Andrew Farley

Andrew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel, joined me again to talk about the misleading catch-phrases Christians use that end up leading them away from their new and good hearts. 

We also address that sticky passage in the Lord's Prayer that says, "If you don't forgive others...neither will your Father forgive you."  But wait a minute, aren't we already and fully forgiven?  How do we reconcile other passages on our completed forgiveness with this passage that follows the Lord's Prayer?




UPCOMING PODCASTS -- airing this week

Monday, Nov. 23, Jim will by the podcast guest on Joel Brueseke's "Growing in Grace Together" series. 

Wednesday, Nov. 25, Andrew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel, will join Jim for a second podcast.  They'll be discussing the misleading language and catch-phrases Christians often use that end up preventing them from embracing their true goodness and restored identity. 

Here's the episode link on Blogtalk Radio. 


LISTEN NOW: 'The Naked Gospel' interview with Andrew Farley

Andrew and I talked about his fantastic new book, The Naked Gospel - the truth you may never hear in church.  Find out what Andrew says about our new identity and freedom.  It really is a lot better than we've been told.

  • Should Christians really obey the moral law in the Ten Commandments?
  • Do we really have pure and good hearts - the very same that Jesus had?
  • Can Christians trust their hearts?

The answers may surprise you!

Click player below to listen.

As always, feel free to leave your comments below!


TODAY - interview with Andrew Farley ----'THE NAKED GOSPEL'

Listen 'live' today, 11:30 EST, as I talk with Andrew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel - the truth you may never hear in church. 

Go to the Blogtalk Radio page here to get show updates for this podcast. 

Airtime:  11:30 a.m. (EST)  Monday, Nov. 16th

Go to show page.


As always, feel free to post your comments and thoughts below!


T.V. INTERVIEW - part one - 'The Naked Gospel' - with Andrew Farley

Click here to view the t.v. interview with Andrew Farley, author of The Naked Gospel - the truth you may never here in Church.

This is Part One of the T.V. interview.